Thursday, August 13, 2009

more n more work to do...

morning!!!urm...currently i'm blogging at INTEC library..u might think what i'm doin rite now izzit? n my colleagues faznin n nurul having a disscussion about our upcoming prsentation...owh..its hard to do an Action Research..we've just met our lecturer Prof.Madya Sharrif to get some information n discuss about our project paper......Thank God, he agreed with our topic...hehehe..for the time being i had 9 drawing, 4 assignment, 3 project to settle within a month...n now i'm still confused what to for my painting n sculpture project...frankly said, i didnt know..i mean master in drawing..but with the assistance of our friend which came from Fine Arts and he willing to teach me and my colleaque how to draw in proper ways..

ok..i think i'm gonna stop lets meet up some other day okay..keep track with my journey...daaaa...*hugs and kisses*

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  1. caiyok2..we need settle our assignment grouping others...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:(((...hihihi